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InSpire® is used in a variety of drying applications, in many countries. The system is remarkably adaptable and can be designed for use with any building requiring heating and/or ventilation, as a modular or roof/wall installation.


Coffee Herbs & Spices Fire Hoses Scuba Gear Sugar Cane
Tobacco Automobile Painting Compost Greenhouses Firewood


As a modular unit, InSpire® can be mounted on a roof, wall, or on the ground. As a wall system, InSpire® is a non-structural panel installed overtop of any fire retardant, water resistant wall or roof.

  • InSpire Modular Unit

  • Tray of herbs and spices

  • Herbs and spices; drying

  • Scuba gear drying system

As a modular, InSpire® can reach 500 CFM (7 ft x 9 ft configuration).



With InSpire®¬†you will:

Obtain drying fuel savings

Extend the life of your drying equipment

Improve control of moisture content reduction

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